Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas Cake in 5 Easy Stages: Stage Three - Feeding the Cake

This is Stage Three of my Christmas Cake in 5 Easy Stages, but don't despair if you are wanting to start your Christmas Cake now, you do still have enough time (see Stage One and Stage Two).

 Feeding the cake is just about keeping the cake nice and moist, and uses the same liquor that you used in Stage One to drizzle over. So unwrap your cake, prick the surface with a skewer and spoon over a couple of dessertspoons of liquor before wrapping back up.

You can feed the cake as many times as you like - I try to feed it twice. So, I fed it a week ago and I will probably feed it next weekend too.

The fourth stage is all about the marzipan, so arm yourself with a block of marzipan (almond paste) and some apricot jam and I will see you in mid December!

Love Mrs Jones x

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Looking Forward in November 2014

October was fairly productive for me. Sewing: I finished my scrappy chevron quilt, made myself a new pair of pyjama trousers, re-worked my overlap skirt into my new size (not blogged)! I have also got my Winter's Lane quilt out again and have made a couple more blocks. Crafts: I was lucky enough to be given some ribbon reels by Fantastic Ribbon for whom I made the Christmas Card project. Baking: a childhood favourtite - treacle tart, and the first two instalments of my Christmas Cake series.
I am very keen to make November the month that I finish Winter's Lane, but I can't help but be persuaded to take on new sewing projects too! I have just borrowed Learn to Sew with Lauren from my local library and am very taken with the Pick Your Pockets Skirt. Coincidentally, I have a day in London mid November by myself and I may just have to go and explore the fabric shops in Goldhawk Road! 

I am also lusting after the new Norway pattern from Camille Roskelly which would look great as a Christmas centrepiece. I still haven't done anything with my map fabric (where does the time go)?

As usual, on the first of the month I am linking up to Lily's Quilt's Fresh Sewing Day.

Fresh Sewing Day

Love Mrs Jones x