Wednesday, 30 January 2013

This Week...

This week, I have been:

  • Re-watching Twin Peaks - what did happen to Laura Palmer? At 19, I used to watch this late at night after I had come back from the pub slightly worse for wear and it never made sense then, especially the guy in the red room.
  • Reading Tender is the Night {see tomorrow's post}
  • Crazily in love with Cadburys Egg 'n' Spoon - a chocolate egg with mousse inside - but if you know me from Facebook, you will know that I queried why only two spoons with four eggs?
  • Planning a little project for this gorgeous Campervan fabric...
  • Swamped with information on GCSEs and SATs. I have been recommended the CGP revision books for both children. 
Twin Peaks Tender is the Night Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon campervan fabric CGP Crown Paint

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Black & White

I have been living in my house for just over three years now and I have only just got sick of the magnolia walls! I am itching to get started on some DIY, beginning with the Hallway and stair, which is quite scruffy { I have boys}. The woodwork doesn't need painting but the walls are desperate and I would love a wooden {or even fake wooden} floor because there is little point in having carpet in a hall, especially when the boys traipse in mud after football matches ... you get the picture!

I am really loving the idea of a black and white hallway. Crown do a lovely charcoal coloured paint called Little Black Dress, and paired with pure brilliant white, I think it would be great. I already have a little black table in the hall, and I will probably add in a large mirror.

Some great inspiration here on my Pinterest board

Love Mrs Jones x