Egg Cosy

I know Easter isn't until April, but I have been experimenting with making an egg cosy - the sort you would put over your boiled egg to keep warm, while you go and do your toastie soldiers! It is a resourceful way of using up small pieces of fabric leftover from larger projects. I cut the shape out freehand.

The only problem is I made it a tiny bit too small to fit (around) comfortably over a large egg! But other than that I am happy with the look and the contrasting lining. So, I am going to make some slightly larger ones as gifts this Easter. 

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Fab idea - love the fabric. It's crying out for a Cadbury's creme egg...

  2. Ha ha - I can't wait for creme eggs and mini eggs, but I am trying to avoid them in the shops as I am not quite ready for them!

  3. It's so cute. I've been wanting to make agg cosies for a while but haven't got round to it yet. Love the teeny button detail! Hx


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