Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday Montage: Start with a Fluorite Necklace...

I have chosen one item from my shop, the fluorite necklace in the top left, and found other things on Folksy that would go well with it. These are all such beautiful items that if I had the money (and an ipad) I would buy the lot!

Mrs Jones Handmade Jewellery SP Jewellery
Glamour Girl Christina Tay Designs
Beautiful Skin April is Forever Jewellery
So, from top left:
1) Fluorite necklace from Mrs Jones Handmade Jewellery
2) Fluorite earrings from SP Jewellery
3) Bridesmaid Dress from Glamour Girl
4) Purple Hydrangea Clutch from Christina Tay Designs
5) Ipad case in Swallow & Leaf from Beautiful Skin
6) Hair Clip Daisy Dot from April is Forever Jewellery

As, usual, click on the image to be taken to the shop!
If you think that you have something that would go well with this treasury, include a link in the comments box.

Mrs Jones x

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Secret Garden

I live in a new house, so my poor little garden has very little in it, and I dream of having a pretty garden, with plants that flower at least once a year! I have resisted the urge to impulse buy plants and have adopted a more mature approach of starting from the back with lots of climbers (clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine and roses) and gradually moving forward. My favourite gardens are Hidcote Manor Garden and Sissinghurst.

Here are my garden picks, either for the garden or of gardens!

Tigerlily Primitives Rama and Jude
JoSara Chocolate Frog
Sascalia Cassia Beck

To buy or go to the shop, click on the images.
1) The Secret Garden sign by Tigerlily Primitives - £7.50
2) Flowers by a Blue Door Greetings Card from Rama and Jude - £1.75 (Japanese Anemones, I think)
3) Ripple Mosaic Bird Bath from JoSara - £16.99
4) Cottage Garden Bowl from Chocolate Frog - £40.00
5) Girl on a Swing Art print from Sascalia - £15.00
6) Hide and Seek 8x8 Ttv print from Cassia Beck - £12.00

Mrs Jones x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


My earrings have been one of my most popular buys, and I am often asked to earrings with Swarovski hearts. They're so special and at a reasonable price. These earrings will soon be making an appearance in my Folksy shop (if they're not snapped up before they get there)!

Earrings are a perfect as thank you presents, for teachers at the end of term, for friends or for yourself. At Christmas, I popped a pair of Swarovski earrings in a stocking for each of my female guests!

So, from top: (all earrings have sterling silver earwires) Red pearl earrings with twizzle wire; Swarovski night blue pearl earrings; Sparkling facet bead with metal rose and blue pearl earrings; Fuschia Swarovski heart earrings; Aqua Swarovski flower earrings.

Mrs Jones x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Three Sales...

As I went to bed last night, my phone flashed up a message. Expecting the usual rubbishy e-mail, I opened it up to find a message from Folksy saying I had sold three items: two pairs of earrings and a card! Yipee! I love having sales, even if it was my sister that bought them, that's three items that she didn't buy in some huge superstore!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Folksy Friday: French Fancies!

Ooh la la! Lots of French themed treats today, so lounge back in your exquisite chasie longue and see what the Folksy boutique has to offer!

iAlbert The French Quarter
Betsy Jarvis Craftypagan Designs
Kayleigh O’Mara Maisy and Alice
From top left (click on image to go to Folksy shop):
1) It's on my favourites list (would look fab over my bed) - Floral Damask Eiffel Tower print from IAlbert -£18.00
2) Paris au Printemps necklace from French Quarter -£12.00
3) Parisian, vintage inspired cushion cover from Betsy Jarvis - £24.95
4) French script moleskine from Craftpagan Designs - £7.00
5) French rabbit badge from Kayleigh O'Mara - too cute to miss at £2.00
6) Vintage French novel paper baubles from Maisy & Alice - £5.00

Oh, go then, let's finish with a real French Fancy...

 from Pipinopolis - £5.00

Mrs Jones x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Craft Carousel

Thought I'd let you know about this fun way to promote and sell - .

Heres how it works -

Look though the featured shops on the blog, Choose any item, Then check the comments below to make sure that "shop spot" is still available. Leave a comment to reserve your spot and go buy! Then you can replace it in the treasury with a item from your own shop. You don't have to buy the featured item shown, just something from one of the featured shops. If you buy something let me know and tell me which of your products you would like in its place, And if you're not a seller and want to join in? Well why not nominate one of your favourite shops!
It's first come first served so please comment and reserve your spot first!

This is my second spin on the carousel.
Go and take a look for yourself!

Mrs Jones x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


You will see that this blog looks a bit different as I am having a bit of a confidence crisis in my business. I feel I need a new image, a "proper" logo. I want it to look sassy! 

I am still in the throes of making lots and lots of jewellery for little girls for my stall at the local school fayre in June. So, lots of stretchy bracelets and memory wire bracelets, and loveheart phone charms etc. I need to look into doing some boys stuff and am thinking about the whole pirate thing, with the new Pirates of the Carribbean out.

So here is a selection of girly bracelets:

Fingers crossed that girls like more than just pink!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Folksy Mayhem Showcase 7th to 9th May 2011

Continuing on with my favourites from the Folksy daily listing club, I have selected two from each day. Click on the image to be magically transported to the shop. Very hard to choose...

Dottery Pottery Clover Jewels
Kath Heywood Anna King Jewellery
Polly Krafts Lilly’s Night Garden

From top left:

7th May Green Owl Ceramic Hanging Decoration from Dottery Pottery

7th May Heaven and Earth Handmade Rosary Beads from Clover Jewels

8th May Pastel Drawing Purple Trees by Kath Heywood

8th May Midnight Blue Three Strand Necklace by Anna King Jewellery

9th May Crochet summer scarf in cotton and bamboo from Polly Kraft

9th May Hanging Bird Decoration from Lilly’s Night Garden

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Folksy Mayhem Showcase

Here are my favourites from the Mayhem listing club listed between 1st and 6th May.

Cute Little Keepsakes Jinja Jewellery
Bessie Loves Blue Daisy Glass

Diomo Glass Kawaii Boutique
Lynwood Crafts
Court & Spark
From top:
1) Personalised Baby Bunting from Cute Little Keepsakes
2) Jade Disc Necklace from Jinja Jewellery
3) Pansy Ring from Bessie Loves
4) Recycled Champagne Cheese Board from Blue Daisy Glass
5) Sparkle Bow Earrings from Flonightingale
6) Summer Flowers Suncatcher from Diomo Glass
7) Pink Jasper and Black Rose Necklace from Kawaii Boutique
8) Summer No 2 ACEO from Lynwood Crafts
9) Amigurumi rubber duck from Loves a Good Yarn
10) Flower Fairy mini lavender pillows from Court & Spark

Friday, 6 May 2011

Folksy Friday: Mad Men

I adore Mad Men: I love the fashion, the cars, the typewriters, the drinks, the whole style of the early sixties. So here is what Folksy has to offer which is Mad Men-ish!

Dig for Victory Voodooville
Suzie Lee Knitwear SeventySeventyOne Design
J Works Voodooville

From top: 1) Imagine Betty in this Taffeta Prom Dress from Dig for Victory £105.00; 2) Hang this Betty Draper pop art print on your wall, from Voodooville £12.50; 3) Soft Button Bolero from Suzie Lee Knitwear £35.00; 4) Wear the Betty brooch from SeventySeventyOne Design £16.00; 5) Gorgeous Calligraphy Cape from J Works £38.50; 6) Joan Holloway earrings from Voodooville £6.00.

To drool over or buy, click on the images!