Saturday, 26 February 2011

Earring cards

Since having a shop on Folksy, I have noticed that other jewellery makers use nice little display cards for their earrings. It is a lot more practical than just displaying earrings balanced on the edge of a glass! So, this morning I doodled some designs on a notepad before heading out to get some paper.
 At the point where I knew what I wanted, I made a template in my sketchbook.
By this point I had made my first two cards and used a single hole punch to punch holes (am hoping they are not going to be too large). 
Voila, the finished article with my latest pair of earrings, which are now available for sale on Folksy here.. For a handmade card I think it looks okay. I am planning a jewellery party soon, so I'll see how they go down before making some more.

Would love some comments (good or bad) or suggestions for improvement.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jasper coin bracelet

This is a re-working of a stretch bracelet that I made when I was a complete beginner. I am starting to get really busy: I have had orders to fulfill, I am planning a jewellery party and I am trying to build up my stock on Folksy. This semi-precious green patterned jasper coin bracelet is listed at a bargain price of £6.50 on Folksy.

Coming soon: Trinity brass filigree earrings, and an interview on MosaicTree blog...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Czech Hurricane glass bracelet

Flat square hurricane beads (ragtime style) paired with silver plated brass tiny spacers. Now for sale in my Folksy shop!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Shop on Folksy

So, in addition to my website, I now have some jewellery for sale on Folksy (click on badge to the right to go direct to the shop). I hope to have more jewellery for sale there over the next couple of weeks, so keep looking back! Thanks.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Something different

I have been trying to use these chunky acrylic beads that I fell in love with for a while, and I am now happy with them. But, I can't decide how to finish the necklace - attach ribbons (not ribbons shown) or a chain? I would definitely wear it with ribbons tied around my neck, but I have never managed to sell anything that tied with ribbons.

Any ideas?

Jealous Heart - bracelet

I can't get enough of these green dyed shell hearts: they're so versatile, and looking lovely in this bracelet with purple accents (Czech firepolish and tiny pearls). Can't have too many hearts at this time of year anyway!

This is available to purchase in my Folksy shop.

And at last I am making again!