Saturday, 27 February 2010

What Shall I Wear Tonight?

It is so seldom that I go out drinking that I am having a bit of a dilemma about what to wear tonight, Danielle's Hen night. Have I mentioned the fact that we are all going out as nuns? We have the habits (having removed the word "Sister Sex" from the band) and are all supposed to wear black dresses. Mine is distinctly not Nun - lovely navy dress from Dorothy Perkins.

Well I attempted to make myself a large crucifix out of granite polymer clay, but frankly, it looks dull, so I have re-worked a stone heart pendant that has been in my jewellery box for a long time and added some bicones, and a silver leaf.
I am looking forward to my night out at Brazz, Taunton but not necessarily the Nun bit.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Victoria Sponge

This is my Victoria sponge which is the first proper cake that I have made for at least ten years, the last being a Chocolate Espresso cake which had such a huge crater that there was nowhere to place the birthday candles! There is such a feelgood factor to making your own cake. Queen Victoria may have eaten hers with just jam, but the Jones family has a thick layer of buttercream with their jam... yum, yum.
The recipe is, of course, Nigella's from How to be a Domestic Goddess.
Oh, and needless to say, the whole cake had disappeared three days later.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Purple Haze with focal bead

I used a pinstripe Pandora style bead from Bluestreak Beads as a focal point, flanked by two oval beads and continued with the symmetrical theme for the whole bracelet. I incorporated a bit of sparkle with Swarovski 4mm amethyst cubes and their 3mm bicones in silver shade: truly gorgeous! The beads were strung on 19 strand silver plated Beadalon wire and finished with a magnetic clasp - no more fiddling around trying to catch the other end of the bracelet!
Props: (Bottom) Indian paper; (Top) sprig top from White Stuff

Friday, 5 February 2010

Valentine Frames

Only a week to go until February 14th, so have a look at these Valentine frames, to give a picture of you to your lovely husband, boyfriend or lover!
I have had these little cardboard frames hanging about for years, that I had bought from Yellow Moon catalogue (or online at I think my youngest son and I used up all the frames with round apertures, leaving all the hearts!
Firstly, get a template for the hole by pushing a piece of card into the slot at the top and drawing round the hole onto the card. Next, cut this tempate out.

Find some suitable paper, card or material or whatever you are going to cover it with and measure the size of the whole frame onto your material.
Then place your material onto the frame and find the hole by pressing gently onto the material. With the heart, it is relatively easy because one you locate the point at the bottom, the rest is easy. Then, place your template into position on the material and draw round. Cut out the heart shape.

Cover the frame with glue (I used PVA) making sure that the edges are covered.
Place on your material or whatever, and all you need do now is decorate.
Red frame: I have used a ribbon in contrasting colours which I glued into place with PVA on the red frame.
Silver frame: I used this fantastic indian paper to cover this frame. It was great because it is quite thick, but be warned that the silver glitter gets everywhere! I stuck Papermania adhesive shimmer dots on the inside edge of the silver frame to give it a beaded effect.
On a non-Valentine theme, in the past I have used a base of an old map showing sea and stuck on a desert island using different patterned paper with a palm tree of mulberry papers: great for holiday pictures!

Valentine Hearts using Fimo

A couple of posts ago, I said I was experimenting with polymer clay to make beads. Well, the only successful thing I have managed is heart pendants for Valentine's Day! I used Fimo in Cherry Red, Granite and Black.
I rolled out the Cherry Red with an ordinary kitchen rolling pin and cut out the heart shape with an old pastry cutter. I wasn't impressed with the result as it was textured with marks from the mat I had rolled it out on (must remember this next time!). So, I lightly rolled it on a Sculpey texture mat (mine was scrolls and swirls), and punched a hole in the top centre.
For the black heart, I did the same as above but pressed harder when rolling on the texture mat.
They were placed on foil and baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 110C.
I fitted a large triangle bail to both the black and multicoloured hearts, so as to use them as a keyring fob and pendant respectively. I used the red heart as an embellishment for a Valentine Card.

My props were: Glass - gorgeous set of Schott martini glasses
White tray - Maxwell Williams rectangular platter